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February 19
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War Games by Vaporeon249 War Games by Vaporeon249
Choice of inspiration is actually from the song "Solemn Hour' by Within Temptation, though the title ended up being taken off of the rather poorly written song "War Games" by F.C.F. Actually, both of those songs are just plainly bad. At least the latter despite being Eurobeat is tongue-in-cheek with some research behind it. Either way, inspiration, song titles or what not, been wanting to do something like this for a long, long while, but I am extremely style cowardly. Armed with Photoshop, and pretty much unappreciative of my Corel, trying to making something look more painterly depended on how long it took me to figure out a brush combination that would do the sloppy, semi-oil look that WWI and WWII artists utilized before cameras were the default. Remember my old World War art history assignment... oh, those were a terror. Some people got the diseases, others weapons, nope, my artsy group got all the grotesque pictures to sicken the class with.

Characters in the image, top-down: Vita Sanguinence (Life of Blood), Mewblade (Letum Falcifer), Iustitia (Justice). All of them are my lovely Fatalis Dators and my three Legendary Fakemons (healer, killer, scary *itch queen of the universe). If such a situation existed with them all in the same timeline I would totally believe that dramatic entrances are for sure, though less butt-kicking than what would be asked for since Vita is a pacifist, Mewblade generally stays out of human conflicts minus some minor intervention, where Iustitia probably would have personally stormed every last Nazi bunker, and would there ever be blood. War over in 12 seconds flat if she showed up. Still makes for absolutely wicked imagery and such images are definitely what I wanted to show in connection with my girls.

Image was originally an overlay of several aerial shots that were composed into the current compilation. The entire thing was painted over since the lighting was just wrong, there are no colored photos of any of the blitzes from above, and I needed the blotchy painterly look that I was aiming for in the end. Spent hours literally blotching the entire background. The girls were far easier, despite all the odd angle shots and poses. Generally just wanted to have lots of fun with this, and I really did in the end. Did my mandatory boy picture and it rocks!

Photoshop CS4
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First off, you did nice work here! I don't recall you having done any pov shots similar to this. I should have commented on this before, but what could I say? I'd been made - north american, a guy, likes boom stuff... but if it's any consolation, most of my war and explosion fancy came from the 80s; laser beams everywhere, machine guns going off without having managed to shoot anyone, and then doing the whole thing over next saturday morning. Now hurry up and take those dudes down, so I can send in mine!
Why thank you. I actually did do one, once and it was with my Sonic characters. Granted, it was Sonic Riders inspired, and it was also less dynamic in the pose department and action and overall way worse.
That is the best kind of violence. Tons of destruction but nobody gets hurt, so everyone can be amazed by how awesome everything is.
PsyLady Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't like war pictures, especially the nazi stuff, but the picture itself is impressive. I like how the background looks like a painting.
The sort of culture that likes the stuff tends to be a.) male b.) self-righteous, pat-on-the-back types c.) like things that go boom. North Americans just tend to be less perturbed by it, thanks to the remoteness. Probably will ruffle a few feathers in the end.
PsyLady Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hmm,  b or c whats your choice?
PsyLady Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
davyjonesentei123 Feb 20, 2014  Student Photographer
Holy mother of Mewblade O.o... What black sorcery did you use to create this damn awesome artwork ????? XD

hehe you have no idea how much I love this VLK ^^..... it reminds of me of my being history geek before
Standard photoshop, as per usual. Glad you like it.
nice work it looks cool^^
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