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January 16, 2013
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"Pretty Pin-up" is a 12 image collection of Psytrin and Dragontalon of Fur Affinity's girls, along with VLK's (being moi) girl presented in pretty and provocative pin-ups. All images are sized to fit various desktop formats. Enjoy the beautiful display in more ways than one. The entire pack is available at [link] for $3 usd! It includes larger file sizes, and the whole set of 11 girls in their individual images. You can download the presented compilation image above for free, for your own enjoyment.

Had a blast doing this cluster of images. Fitting a bunch of girls with a bunch of backgrounds more or less based on who worked best with the colored backgrounds of choice. Dragontalon's lovelies fell under this guideline more so, where Psytrin's were chosen since they are the only five I haven't actually completed. Divided by "Classics" and "Exotics" in the end for ultimate variety for every taste. "Uni" is my compositional favorite though I will admit, I love Buns' legs in her image. Threw in some balloon fetish and some latex for good measure in case anyone is looking. (I wouldn't call glasses a fetish unless someone has a bizarre interest in those sexy librarian geek girl looks.)

Go to [link] to purchase the $3 usd pack! Or buy on dA for $6 usd/600 da Points (contractual commitments on Furstore means the price is higher on dA). Still a steal of a deal but it's better at Furstore! I also like comments too!

(And in case anyone does wish to know what quality to expect from a full sized background, "Fox" is featured with my lovely boudoir [link] for example.)
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Biged900 Jan 21, 2013  Student Artist
Very nice
Thank you for the compliment. It means a lot.
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