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A collection of fan art, trades and inspired works relating to Vaporeon Lugia Krabby/Vaporeon249.
"We", being Vaporeon Lugia Krabby and "Merry Christmas" being the equivalent of a default for any festive holiday greeting devised by man, this one just happens to be part of a song that is played ad nauseum during the end roman calendar year. Many a person is going to do their well-wishing and mandatory holiday updates prior to the new year, myself included. That being said, it also means a lot of seasonal art. And what solace does one have from the holiday madness other than to join in?

Themed artwork is more prevalent than most of the other art forms. We get the trees, the baubles, the tinsel and a host of red pantie shots to fill more than a few stockings. Christmas is one of the most over-saturated themed art subject out there. Following this would likely be North America's undying love for Halloween and its offshoots of vampires, werewolves and zombies (which we all profoundly probably wish to bury by now after more than one mainstream thing destroying it); the Lunar New Year and Diwali rank higher, but generally in their country's of origin. Christmas, so incorrectly honored and so insidiously infectious, it's almost a guarantee that after a few years on deviantArt, you could be the most anti-holiday, anti-religious person ever, and even if you followed those standards, you're probably the person laughing hearing "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" (want worse, "Grandpa Got Run Over By A Beer Truck"). And if you really hate Christmas, shotguns and reindeer in the same combination are for you. So whether loved or loathed, 'tis the season for endless amounts of Christmasy something to inundate deviantArt.

Why the themed work? As a personal victim/contributor to the season of giving and consumerism, I am a serial Christmas artist. Okay, maybe not to the level of some, but it has been done without provocation, so then why does almost everyone do it? First of all, we do like giving and sharing. The feeling of giving a gift of any sort to someone usually outweighs the feeling of receiving something. It's generally feels good to do nice things for others, and when most of us on dA really only know most of the people we interact with through the internet, we are limited in our capacity to give, share and generally bond with others during a time in which we are encouraged to be at our most connected. It is much more difficult, and often times, costly to send even something as simple as cookies to a friend overseas. And it's even harder to fly over there, and help them decorate a tree, or shovel their driveway, or visit other people. If you're Canadian like I am (or an East Coast American), then snow + travel = a clinical diagnosis of insanity. You're out of options already and Christmas cards are not as personal as some of us would like (or we have the worst handwriting, or we forgot to mail them, or postage costs +$0.89 and you have 100 friends). So those of us who are creative, or just want to do something end up going to art.

Holiday art is one of the few times where even the least talented of the artists out there make some attempt at drawing. If you want to give something personal to someone else online, you draw it and for those the most embarrassed about their skills, it is one of the few times people will humbly appreciate you for the bravado. So then why is it still all themed? Part of this revolves around inspiration. A lot of artists live in a sort of phase of sub-art block. There is a potential for them both having it and not having it at the same time. Most of the obstacle goes down to personal criticism, "My work isn't that great. No one will like it," and "I don't have any ideas." Holiday themed work is its own idea. The music is there, the imagery is everywhere, and from about November onwards, it's nearly 60 days of constant thematic bombardment. It's easier to formulate ideas if they're presented this way. One of the other ways to fight the art block and the self-depreciation also comes in the form of gift giving. We as people like gifts, and unless were spoiled, a gift from the heart means a lot more than it being the most stellar thing imaginable. The work doesn't have to be awesome, it just has to be thoughtful, and when you gift artwork, it tends to reduce art blocks. Hence why we can see a lot of Christmas work.

Now if you're not doing work for others, and just doing themed work, like before, the inspiration is everywhere, so the execution is easier. And when everyone else is doing it, peer pressure then applies, so truly, why aren't you doing endless amounts of snowmen wearing top hats? Principle tends to be one, time constraint another; when everyone does it it loses its creative uniqueness. And when there is a defined deadline (Christmas is December 25th in a lot of the world, that isn't run by the Russian Orthodox Church), the pressure can just be too much. Art and procrastination tend to go well together. Generally though, from time-to-time, it is just simply fun to do a themed image. You can be goofy, joyful, satirical and everyone understands. It is basically fan art at its most approachable and something that is easy to share with people as a whole. The work is removed of cliques, divides, cultural bias and something all ages can enjoy (refraining from the Santa underwear). There is something magical about what is essentially a giant personality movement, all getting behind something that is interpreted differently by everyone, but something that also everyone can relate to.

So, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year as well to you all and let us all share in the love and joy of the season together!


Vaporeon Lugia Krabby
"The Northern Pacific" a VLK art site. Click the URL below!


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Sakura-Koi Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Glad Im not the only one this person's going after, why dont you just back off and leave our art alone, its not bothering anybody.
You don't have to click on something that says its for 18 yrs and then get mad at us for what you saw?
Fuck off and leave our shit alone
Vaporeon249 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
By the way, idiot commenter below, and the commenter before that, was suspended recently for opening his stupid mouth. Use him as a predictor of your future, since what happened to him will happen to you if you keep it up.
Orudan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
getting me suspended isnt going to stop me. you got stuff on here that isnt even censored with fucking tits and shit showing. and your going to flag my shit and stuff? your fucking immature for your age.  and now since u flagged MY shit. i'll just do the same myself since u think its okay to do this to others. you need to get rid of your ego like for real.
Vaporeon249 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
can get you even more suspended now that you admitted to suspension evasion by using another account. have a nice day.
CoreyAJackson Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
don't think about flagging my artwork. dont send me questions I already know about when I post it. I mark it as mature STRICT. nudity and sexual themes is the cause. so I marked it strict mature. don't throw me questions that i already know. and if u dont like boy on boy then thats your problem. im nearly a 20 year old man. please respect my stuff as I respect everyone elses. /:
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