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A collection of fan art, trades and inspired works relating to Vaporeon Lugia Krabby/Vaporeon249.
Another year, another devious trait by yours truly, Vaporeon Lugia Krabby aka Vaporeon249! This time bringing you her most elaborate prank yet.

Some of you (mostly my long term watchers) caught onto this one rather quickly since the prank, even though it began March 1st, was pretty obvious to those who knew. The prank, VLK had become a brony! Brony: A person, often male, who identifies with the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic tv series. See “Pegasister” for female variant. The whole month of March was spent convincing people I was into My Little Pony, by changing avatars, signatures, user names and the upload of Pony related work, along with reducing the comments since VLK cannot memorize who commented on what, and the prank is only effective when people are told they’ve been had. Both deviantArt and Fur Affinity received this prank, (and evidently a lot of adult websites as people stole my work and posted them on it. I know everything).

Some people caught on immediately, mostly since a.) They knew how much I absolutely hate My Little Pony b.) That normally I comment, reply, write longer artist comments and journals and don’t use “Wee!” as frequently as I did. (Seriously... wee? Granted, this whole journal is far from my normal formulaic writing pattern anyway.) c.) I would never ditch my primary cast of precious characters in favour of those of someone else’s. Kudos to a small group that outright questioned, some who humoured knowingly, and others who at least remained sceptical. For those who fell for it, some I am not surprised you did and others I am disappointed in. To note: All of the images will be updated with their ACTUAL descriptions now, rather than the half attempted things they had.

By the way, I do actually watch the show, but not for the reasons you think. My partner is a brony, and I like to share in what he enjoys. My favourite pony is Rarity (white and purple one), but only because when she has emotional breakdowns they’re absolutely hilarious. Translation: What I love in that show is the misery in a particular character. Some brony, right? Pony as an interest or an art form was one of the most miserable experiences for me. I’m committed to my pranks, so I spent a month uninspired and in absolute tears since it is horrible, dull, with characters I cannot relate to and in an art style I wholly resent. People say My Little Pony fills them with joy and happiness, for me it’s sorrow and unhappy thoughts. I’m very happy to be done with this and never want to repeat it (I know some people can say I made an exception for commissions, but those were few and far in between and didn’t hamper with my own work or own inspirations).

Most noteworthy observations from Journals, Polls, overall comments: “Glad you joined the HERD.” How in the world is that a compliment?! It’s the equivalent of saying, “Thanks for being a sheep, and joining our group of equally mindless sheep!” Herd animals are not particularly bright so thanks for the insults. I hope a puma eats you. And the cowards who gave me the silent treatment for years until they thought I was a brony... Just unwatch me now.

_ _ _

Picture 1: MLP Comic – Bad Student – Cover Page

I knew this would go viral! Thanks for everyone who spread this around since you became my pawn (sheep/horse/pony) in my scheme. The promise was I would be making a lesbian, raunchy Pony porn comic with 12 pages of nothing but BDSM and sex. Put some effort into the artwork of the cover page and it took off. Man, I’m good at baiting the gullible. Add in some favourite My Little Pony characters and boobs, and stupid comments ahoy!

Most noteworthy observations: “My Little PoRny” was genius, how come no one commented on that basically? I thought it was hilarious. Then there were the perverts, special requesting for girls with penises, or being able to look at the porn when they’re 14. Don’t even get me started on the porn websites and the disgusting “I’m horny” comments there were. Looking forward to this and the comic page tormenting people for the next few months with false promises of sexy action. (And if you don’t mind the fact there is no actual comic, then thank you for enjoying my art, I guess?)

_ _ _

Picture 2: Pony V (Ponysona)

This wasn’t going to do well since it wasn’t perverted. Fair enough, since we all know how the internet works. The unimaginative god-mod (aka Alicorn) was supposed to be the Pony V interpretation that Veethree the Mewthree is to my Vaporeon Lugia Krabby alias.

Most noteworthy observations: The one person who actually knew what the cutie mark stood for! I could kiss you! Also the one idiot who thought that any other set of Pokemon would be better since they can’t read.

_ _ _

Picture 3: MLP Comic – Bad Student – Page 1

Yep, still went viral because some bronies do not use their brains. Not surprised at all. Art style was more show quality, no shadows but don’t care for doing the colored lines. Really basic concept that I could come up with, since pulling such ideas out of ones butt is way too easy. Giant boobs for the win?

Most noteworthy observations: How many people have this expectation that they deserve more of this, since the thought of contributing to your sexual whims for free is totally my thing (no!) (Actually, Furstore has a rule regarding copyrights and licensing which means material for sale cannot be with such characters unless explicitly approved by their owners, FYI). Also, why does no one comment that they want to save Twilight Sparkle, or how so much of this isn’t canon? I’m not a fan of the show and I still think of this as wrong for these two reasons in particular.

_ _ _

Picture 4/5/6: Nothing But The Sun’s Shadow (Mewtwo and Nightmare Moon), Lower The Moon Wallpaper, Tutorial

K, so I own both of these figurines, and both were gifts. Figured I needed to irk the fandom I love (Mewtwo) a bit, and try a bit harder to convince them of my fake bronyness. Told people I’d post a photomanipulation of Mewtwo anyway. Totally dislike Nightmare Moon in this, but Mewtwo looks so cool! (There was also a tutorial attached for extra exposure bait, but it is actually somewhat useful outside of that. Wallpaper was an added bonus.)

Most noteworthy observation: All the comments were so neutral that I couldn’t actually add “April Fools”.

_ _ _

Picture 7: My Favorite Little Pony Prank

And to comfort (terrorize) my fellow Mewthrees who I adore, the one and only picture with Ponies and my Mewthrees in it. Instead of delivering on the porn I promised (which doesn’t exist, suckers!!!), I delivered this. Can you tell how much I resent the art style based on how badly drawn these Ponies are?

Anyway, a month of torture is over, so back to your regularly scheduled programming of not My Little Pony... ever! If I lose a lot of watchers (+100 Bronies on dA alone from the pranks), I don’t care since you only watched me for Pony porn since I know what you favorited and when you watched! For the few I lost to the Pony prank, I’m sorry. For the rest, thanks for putting up with the annual April Fool’s Prank. You were good sports.

As for those who complain that you can’t get your Pony porn... HAHAHAHAHA! I blue balled you all!!!


Vaporeon Lugia Krabby
"The Northern Pacific" a VLK art site. Click the URL below!


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DarkAdvengerz 1 day ago  New member
Like picking on kids do you, okay I'll just go a head and report you and then add you're deviant name to the list of people to consider as a 'Bully' people like you make me sick!
Go for it. Enjoy that invalid. I get tons of people trying that one with me.
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Glad to see there's still someone here who actually cares about the site rules.
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