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A collection of fan art, trades and inspired works relating to Vaporeon Lugia Krabby/Vaporeon249.

The one thing I do not enjoy about journals on deviantArt is mostly the personal aspect, opening one’s self to others and possible strangers.  Sometimes it is hard to share, and sometimes it is hard to listen.  Journals have always been an expression regardless of how a person is choosing to do so.  For myself journals have most often been relegated to observation and anecdotes about the art world and the general comings and goings of deviantArt.  Unfortunately, I have found myself in a position where my usual banter regarding some nuance or another has been sidelined due to human concerns.

I am not particularly forthcoming about myself or any particular issues I may have; granted, some do come out from time to time.  One of my longstanding issues has been persistent tendinitis in my right hand, which despite the fact I am a bit ambidextrous, my right is still my primary.  This has resulted in many years of pain, numbness, and broken dreams.  As an ever stubborn person I began to use my left hand as my primary, and for a while it worked.  Sadly, persistence does not pay off and during a stint of editing one of my novels recently, my right hand gave out.  Left took up the role it always does and it too was taken out.

Right now I’m undergoing physiotherapy to repair the permanent damage I have done to my right hand, and what we hope is the temporary damage done to my left hand.  There is very little that I can do other than rest and heal.  Currently I am writing this using a speech recognition program as typing, drawing, and even basic tasks such as eating or sleeping are much too painful to actually perform.  In order to reduce my keyboard interaction I’m going to answer some of the basic questions here so I don’t have to hurt myself repeating them.

1.       How long until you get better?

I honestly do not know.  For my right hand, it comes and goes.  Hopefully for my left hand it will be a few more weeks.

2.        How did you hurt yourself in the first place?

A really stupid configuration with my arms, plus typing, resulted in the injury.  It’s a combination of muscle, tendon, and nerve damage.  Unfortunately the last two rarely heal properly and even so, are slow to do so.

3.        Will you still be on deviantArt?

I will still be around, and will still be able to perform my administrative duties for the Mewthree Group.  I will not be posting art though, so there will be a drop off for certain in that department.


Despite the fact I cannot currently draw I still wish to continue observing the efforts and creations of those around me.  Keep working hard at being yourselves, but just try not to overdo it.


Vaporeon Lugia Krabby
"The Northern Pacific" a VLK art site. Click the URL below!


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Vaporeon249 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Aww, nice try. So many people try, and all of them fail.
Sexfugu Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
reported have a nice day
Vaporeon249 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Enjoy those invalids, newb.
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hi there
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