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A collection of fan art, trades and inspired works relating to Vaporeon Lugia Krabby/Vaporeon249.
(Figured I'd upload it to my page so that way it would increase exposure. Not everyone looks at my journals, and most of my watchers are not in the Mewthree group.)

is hosting a contest featuring "The Original" Mewthree. At the Mewthree group, when we say "original" we are referring to the good ol' days back in later 1998 and early 1999 when images of Mewtwo in his battle armor made their rounds around the net, and rather than everyone saying "That is Mewtwo in armor" it instead resulted in responses of "That must be a new Pokemon, Mewthree!" So in tribute to this ancient Pokemon/Fakemon troll, an art contest will be held in "Mewthree/Mewtwo in armor's" honor; the first time on The-Mew3-Townside where we will actively pay homage to Mewtwo.

The premise is simple. From July 1st to the end of July 31st we're inviting both members and non-members alike to participate in drawing Mewtwo looking awesome in his Team Rocket issued armor. And from August 1st to August 14, first time ever here, we are inviting all our Members and our Watchers to vote! (You must be a member prior to June 29th in order to qualify for voting.) So now you will all have input on what deserves the best of the prizes!

Now, there are a few rules to follow in this contest:
1.) This must be Mewtwo in the armor that is shown from Pokemon: The First Movie/Mewtwo Strike's Back.
2.) It can be any medium you like!
3.) Quality will likely count, since you will be judged by your peers, so make it good!
4.) The image must be new. No images you have already uploaded in the past.
5.) The last image you enter will be the only one that counts, but you can enter multiples. (On August 1st, all of your older work will be moved out of the Contest folder as to not confuse the judging.)
6.) Adhere to the Group's policy of "NO MATURE ART". Too much blood or gore, and we can't accept it.

Here is what the entrants will win:
1st Place: Two year Premium Membership or/4800 deviantArt Points or/$60.00 sent to Paypal
2nd Place: One year Premium Membership or/2000 deviantArt Points or/$30.00 sent to Paypal
3rd Place: Three month Premium Membership or/800 deviantArt Points or/$10.00 sent to Paypal

And finally, here is how you enter:
1.) Be a deviant. Meaning, you must have a deviantArt account.
2.) Either Note the Admins or you can submit art directly to the "The Original" Mewthree Contest folder.
3.) Nothing more. Spread the word!


Vaporeon Lugia Krabby
"The Northern Pacific" a VLK art site. Click the URL below!


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Mean-ah Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Nice art you got there
Vaporeon249 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Thank you.
Mean-ah Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
You're welcome ^w^
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